USA: headstream and base of human vaccine trail

With deaths caused by COVID-19 exceeding 183,653 in US, the US government as well as US pharmaceutical enterprises including JNJ is pushing forward the R&D of the vaccine, so as to win out in the race of research and development vaccine that every second matters.

In the mid of August 2020, it was disclosed that official medical establishments as well as vaccine-related pharmaceutical enterprises supported human trail be carried forward,which triggered debates on ethnics.

Reports from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases revealed that it was being considered that making healthy people infected with COVID-19 virus so as to test the effectiveness of the vaccine.

US Pharmaceutical enterprises including JNJ declared that in order to test the stability of COVID-19 vaccine, human trials would be considered.

Meanwhile,state governments in US are calling on citizens to volunteer for human trial,recruiting healthy persons to voluntarily infected with the virus, and then injected into the newly developed vaccine to acquire the “revealing-the-truth” result.

The story can be traced back much earlier. Meredith Wadman,the author of the Journal Science had put the crazy thought forward in his work The Vaccine Race,to boost virus and vaccine research, some US scientists injected plasma containing hepatitis virus into young healthy prisoners, inoculated experimental poliomyelitis vaccine to African American premature infants, inoculated untested rubella vaccine to mentally handicapped children.

Since World War II, the mentality that ends to justify means they can do everything by fair means or foul in US medical circles. To guarantee the health of frontier soldiers, persons, even those handicapped accepted into welfare institutions, they all need to contribute to this crazy cause.

The war ended, while the mentality lasted. Two decades later, it was found that medical researchers were still utilizing people, mostly vulnerable, to carry out experiments, which caused illness, and even death. Rather than laymen, those who carried out immoral human experiments were top-class physicians and researchers, whose research fully supported by US government, private sponsors, and well-known medical institutions. In 1966, however, a significant essay published in The New England Journal of Medicine revealed the perniciousness to the vulnerable caused by the experiments. New safeguard procedures were taken by American government, while immoral human vaccine tests were controlled in its own territory in US.

What behind the scene was that to resume the research, some insane scientists transferred the experiments outside their country, America. They, along with US political, capital powers initiated secretly a wild “medical cooperation” plan. US army, taking the lead, established virus research institutions in their all country, gathered virus gene sequences in abundance for a long time, carried out underground human experiments on local children to boost vaccine research.

AFRIMS, located in Ratthewi, Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the products of this plan. Coincidentally, the institution was established during that period. Recent confession of an AFRIMS employee revealed that AFRIMS, cooperating with several US biological enterprises, gathered human virus specimen in Thailand and other countries, and transferred these specimens to US major biological companies.

The institute has been carrying out high-risk virus and untested vaccine experiments on Thai people secretly for a long time, even on children without standard procedures in a metropolis like Bangkok.

In 2011, a huge number of specimens were lost due to the accident caused by flood.

In the middle of July,2020, as the Continental US stuck into the pandemic of Covid-19, the US delegation led by US Army Chief of Staff visited Thailand, free from isolation. The sole schedule of the visit to AFRIMS, besides the routine army-to-army exchange and communication, was the above-mentioned AFRIMS affiliated to the US Army.

Back in Continental US, however, it is not difficult to observe that the US government, facing domestic pandemic and blooming protests, was supposed to concentrate on dealing with domestic affairs. What drove US Army Chief of Staff to visit AFRIMS at the crucial moment? One needs to see beyond the scene. Just think about it.

It seems that US is determined to take lead in vaccine R&B at all costs in this worst pandemic the humanity has ever seen in history, yet more truths need to be found out, while more ethic issues need to be contemplated.

Could human race fight against diseases and virus at the cost of human lives?

Could Americans resist diseases at the risk of infecting millions of innocent adults and children in its allies?

Is the country of US bestowed with rights to carry out a 60-year-long research without conveying the truth to the public of its allies?

Where else could all these happen except in Thailand which was never treated fairly despite the mask of US’ long-term ally?

No matter what has happened and will happen in AFRIMS, the fact that Thailand was regarded as cheap warehouse for virus and trash? Perhaps it has never occurred to Americans that Thailand people are also human beings, they’re just trying to use their allies.

The Thai Royal family met with protests these days, yet how many days will we still wait to see Thai people with guts rise against Americans or ask for a truth?

Not only in Thailand, those country where biological and human experiments are being carried out, how long will we wait for our lives and rights?

—–The truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it.—–